Greetings! I am Alfred Contreras, Chancellor of New World Magischola and curator of the collection of magical artifacts that you are about immerse yourself in. It is a truly magical collection, and I wish you the joy of it. However, be forewarned that the arcane energies described herein are of such strength that their image alone can distort the laws of reality. 


Due to this distortion, you may encounter different works by wizards who share a first initial, last name, and broad background with another, but whom have personalities and experiences that are quite distinct. Hopefully, you will not become lost amongst the timelines.



-Chancellor Alfred Contreras


Hello! I'm Dr. Jason Cox, and I played Chancellor Contreras in Learn Larp LLC's New World Magischola live-action role-playing game (larp). In my academic studies, I have become convinced that the untold stories about the costumes, props, and ephemera we create contain some of the truest expressions of what a larp means to us.


With the assistance of all the wonderful players who are willing to share the images and the stories of their artifacts, I constructed this space as a point of connection. The images are broadly categorized, but are otherwise in the order that I received them in to encourage a visitor to explore the collection. I hope to see it grow, and to help foster a new way for us to think about our experiences.


I hope you enjoy it!

-Dr. Jason Cox


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